The fast pace of life never abates. We are expected to do more, in less time, and with less rest than ever before. Both the body and the mind bear the brunt of this accelerated existence. The phenomenon does not just affect adults; it is creeping into the lives of our children, too.
Science tells us that good nutrition is the key to reclaiming physical and mental balance.
Enerlipid Nutridian™ is an all-natural, vegetarian-friendly, GMO-free nutrition range. Whatever your age, your daily routine or your level of fitness, our products are designed to Enrich Your Life.

The Nutridian Story

Nutridian is the premium food supplements arm of Enerlipid. Our philosophy is to create wellness products based on science and proven research. Enerlipid Nutridian has pioneered the use of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), the good fats found in nature, to promote weight loss, brain health and gut health. Born from science and driven by our passion for innovation, Enerlipid Nutridian is the apex of what Man can achieve through Mother Nature.

Our Vision

Nutridian is leading from the front in the fight to reclaim balance in our lives. We will achieve it through good nutrition and by promoting healthy lifestyles.

Our Promise

Feel your Best, Look your Best, Be your Best.

Our Values

Passion – Our passion for creating products of the highest quality is matched only by our passion for improving the lives of our customers

Sustainability - Every Nutridian ingredient is sourced responsibly and ethically so the environment does not pay a price for our wellbeing

Practicality – Nutridian is rooted in science but our aim is always to make a practical, tangible difference in your life

Happiness– We embody a light, joyful approach to life because happy people work, play and look better!

Enrich Your Life

Each one of us has the potential to achieve amazing things. Too often, that potential is never realized. The Nutridian health range taps into that potential and inspires you to push the boundaries.

Every product that bears the Nutridian brand is based in science. There are no fads or miracle cures. We are catalysts of change and our sole objective is your health, your wellness and your success.

Rebuild yourself into the amazing individual you were always meant to be. Be the best you.

Begin the Transformation Today

Change is the only constant. Yet, changing ourselves is incredibly difficult!

Nutridian makes it easier to

  • Maintain focus all day. Excel at work, play and home.
  • Feel better. MCTs are fuel for the brain, which controls your mood and focus.
  • Recover faster. MCTs are absorbed easily - they accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself through quality nutrition.
  • Lose weight. MCTs fuel your activity without the bad fats and carbs from processed foods.

Nutridian products are

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