Nutridian Coconut MCT Powder 420g [Exp : Jan 2024]

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Nutridian Coconut MCT is Enerlipid’s specialised range
of health products for people of all ages.

MCT refers to Medium Chain Triglycerides, a naturally-occurring 'good fat' derived from coconut or palm oils. The new Nutridian MCT is extracted from pure Coconut source. Ordinary Coconut Oil contains around 8% Caprylic Acid (C8) and 7% Capric Acid (C10) only. Unlike your ordinary Coconut Oil, Nutridian MCT is a concentrated form of Medium Chain Triglycerides predominantly made up of C8 and C10 (more than 90%) which are bearing the energy boosting benefits. The Nutridian MCT Powder, is made up of 70% of these pure and concentrated Coconut MCT. Different from the harmful fats, MCTs do not clog arteries or contribute to your love handles. Instead, they are processed immediately by the liver.

The most interesting part of the MCT cycle is where they go next. These good fats are the primary fuel for two organs in the human body - the brain and the muscles, and are the best way to keep your brain and your muscular system functioning at their optimal levels.

The benefits of MCTs go significantly beyond those primary functions. Regular consumption of MCT has been proven to assist in weight loss, promote gut health and help people of all ages feel and live better.

Sure, the body can sustain itself on carbohydrates and LCTs (Long Chain Triglycerides) when MCTs are not available. But why settle for second best?

Every Nutridian MCT product is formulated from ethically-sourced Coconut. They are completely GMO-free, gluten-free and vegetarian friendly.

Completely flavourless and odourless and free from added sugar, they are the ideal way to complement your drink and food with nutritional goodness.

Try this wonderful natural product and discover why the world is raving about Nutridian Coconut MCT.

What is MCT powder used for?

Nutridian MCT powder is simply a concentrated formulation of all-natural MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), commonly found in coconut. MCT powder benefits the brain in terms of enhancing alertness and has even helped Alzheimer’s patients combat memory loss.

Because MCTs are absorbed and processed effortlessly by the body, they are a wonderful source of instant nutrition for patients with digestive disorders. MCTs also support gut bacteria and are anti-microbial, so a regular intake will help you maintain a healthy gut.

MCT powder is also an efficient weight loss tool. Research shows that it can help accelerate energy expenditure, which means calories are burned at a faster rate. An MCT-rich diet regulates the metabolism of fats and this results in less bad cholesterol.

We are often asked for advice on how to use MCT powder. The answer is beautifully simple – just add it to your food, drinks or health supplements! There is no special procedure to follow to receive the wealth of benefits of MCT powder.

MCT health benefits are not affected by temperature, either. You can add MCT powder to coffee and tea or you can use it in cold drinks. You can add MCT powder as a creamer to your daily beverages like oatmeal, coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, formula milk or use it in cold drinks!

Can MCT powder make you gain weight?

It is a common perception that fats are always harmful. That is not true; MCTs are fats but they are ‘good fats’ which are essential for the body and mind to perform at their peak.

The weight loss benefits MCT powder are one of the main reasons it has become so popular. These benefits extend to the brain and gut, too.

An MCT-rich diet has been shown to increase the body’s metabolism, particularly of fats. This stems from its ability to improve intestinal permeability. Research even suggests that MCT naturally suppresses appetite.

MCT powder possesses nutritional value that goes beyond just weight loss. Bodybuilders and endurance athletes use MCT to boost energy levels and reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

Reassuringly, research conducted over the past few decades has consistently shown no negative side effects associated with the use of MCT.

Is MCT powder good for the brain?

One of the most exciting discoveries about MCT is that it is a brain fuel. The liver breaks MCT down into ketones and sends them to the brain. The accelerated brain ketone uptake acts as the brain’s prime energy source. The improved supply of nutrients boosts brain and memory function, and this discovery has been one of the reasons why MCT powder for Alzheimer's treatments has attracted so much attention in the medical sphere.

Nutridian Coconut MCT powder – the Best MCT powder

As the evidence for the wide range of benefits of MCTs continues to grow, MCT products have gained enormous popularity. There are many reputable manufacturers but Nutridian is confident that our products outperform them all.

Every ingredient we use is of the highest quality and is sourced ethically and responsibly. They are all non-GMO and gluten-free. Vegetarians love Nutridian MCT powder and MCT Oil because it is a clean source of energy that does not harm animals.

We are good for the planet and our products are good for you.

Transform your body.

Supercharge your brain.

Start the change right here right now

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