Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly (Expired Jul'2019)

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Achillia Astaxanthin is an all-rounded proactive skin wellness collagen jelly supplement that will complement your current topical skincare routine to keep your skin looking refreshed and healthy. Start your day with the all-natural, preservative-free flavours of mixed berries in each sachet, containing 4mg of AstaReal® astaxanthin (from freshwater algae!) and Collactive™ collagen.

Transform Your Reactive Skincare Treatment into Proactive Skin Wellness

Over the course of your busy day, regular consumption of Achillia Astaxanthin will replenish what time and the environment depletes from your skin. With its advanced proprietary formula providing clinically proven results, Achillia Astaxanthin will keep working even after work hours, actively protecting your skin from within for a healthier, more radiant you.

Ingredients: Strawberry, raspberry and cranberry juice concentrate, collactive (hydrolysed marine collagen & elastin), isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO), acerola berry extract (natural vitamin C), AstaReal® astaxanthin, pine bark, royal jelly, xanthum gum and sucralose

Why choose Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly?


  • Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly provides complete skin wellness, working through all the layers of the skin.
  • A simple singular serving with two sources for skin wellness - 4mg Astaxanthin and 4gm Collactive™ collagen.
  • Receive all day protection from the sun’s rays
  • A guilt-free treat with our zero-fat, all natural, preservative-free collagen jelly

A formula led by research and clinical studies

A potent fusion of ingredients formulated after extensive research, Achillia Astaxanthin contains 4mg AstaReal® astaxanthin, widely recognized for its diverse effects for enhancing overall skin appearance and protecting skin from sun damage.

Combined with 4,000mg of Collactive™ Collagen (well-known for its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties) and acerola extracts (a natural source of Vitamin C), Achillia Astaxanthin is the perfect companion for those who are looking to keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

As you continue to thrive in this modern world, take Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly with you and start to see the change in as little as 6 weeks*.

Topical care repairs

We are all too familiar with the 4 most common steps to take care of our skin. Topical products work best on the outermost layer of skin, cleaning, balancing and fixing damaged skin.

Achillia Astaxanthin builds

Achillia Astaxanthin goes where your regular skincare regimes can't, by revitalizing your skin from the deepest layers.

Cleanse & Tone
  • Cleanse to remove bacteria and debris
  • Tone to balance out healthy pH levels on your face
  • Enhance your skin's immune response
  • Reduce the overuse of cleansing products.
  • Moisturise to restore the necessary natural oils stripped from your skin by your cleanser
  • Boost your skin’s cellular function, producing more collagen
  • Strengthen your skin for more elasticity, reducing wrinkles
  • Protect yourself from UV rays with sunscreen to prevent the formation free radicals and skin damage from sunburns
  • Quench free radicals in all skin layers, reduce sun spots
  • Improve your skin’s micro texture
  • Relieve inflammation


  • AstaReal® astaxanthin from Fuji Chemical, Japan
  • Collactive™ Collagen (Hydrolyzed marine collagen & elastin) from Copalis, France
  • Pine Bark Extract from ENZO Nutraceuticals, New Zealand
  • Royal Jelly
  • Acerola Extracts (Natural Vitamin C) from Japan
  • Strawberry, raspberry and cranberry all natural juice concentrate
  • Seaweed (sea “Bird’s Nest”)
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