Enerlipid - Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly

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What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring pigment that gives the reddish pink colour to marine organisms such as crabs, shrimp, and salmon. It is regarded as nature's most powerful antioxidant, with properties that help to protect skin from collagen loss due to sun exposure and UV damage. Astaxanthin has also been proven to help skin on a cellular level, improving skin moisture levels and smoothness, reducing the size of wrinkles and strengthening the collagen layers within the  skin¹. Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly contains 4mg of AstaReal® astaxanthin — just the right concentration to promote proactive skin wellness², is derived from wholly natural sources and contains the same form of astaxanthin found in wild salmon.

4 mg
AstaReal® astaxanthin - just the right concentration to promote proactive skin wellness
Higher efficacy than consuming collagen by itself
4 gm
Collactive™ collagen - clinically proven to have equal results as 20,000mg marine collagen

Rejuvenate your skin from the inside out

  • While topical creams are only (top layer) “skin deep,” Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly provides complete skin wellness, working through all the layers of the skin.
  • A simple singular serving with two sources for skin wellness
  • Receive all day protection from the sun’s rays
  • Keep away from processed sugars and foods with our zero-fat, all natural, preservative-free collagen jelly
  • A guilt-free treat for your taste buds and your skin

Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly contains 7 amazing ingredients:

  • AstaReal® astaxanthin from Fuji Chemical, Japan
  • Collactive™ Collagen (Hydrolyzed marine collagen & elastin) from Copalis, France
  • Pine Bark Extract from ENZO Nutraceuticals, New Zealand
  • Royal Jelly
  • Acerola Extracts (Natural Vitamin C) from Japan
  • Strawberry, raspberry and cranberry all natural juice concentrate
  • Seaweed (sea “Bird’s Nest”)